Nov 9, 2018

Sometimes I love the quiet of the evening when the dogs are peacefully at rest after a long day of playing and their diligence in protecting their home. I watch them as they appear to not have a care or worry in the world and it fills my heart with such joy. As I watch the three of them deep in slumber, I start to think about the days and nights my Chauncy spent curled up in a corner at the shelter, shaking from the cold, trembling with fear, being eaten alive by flies and so unsure of his fate. My thoughts then turn to Popcorn and the horror he knew, spending every waking moment in a small crate, forced to eat and drink his own waste and then the torture he endured with having his nose so badly beaten off his face, and my eyes well up with tears of sorrow 😞 Rambo, abandoned and left to die, suffered with one of the worst skin autoimmune diseases that literally burnt his entire body, and one more time the tears flow 😞

My thoughts then drift off to the thousands of animals who this very evening are suffering with the same pangs of loneliness, suffering and fear and my heart grows heavy. I wonder what must go through their little minds as they sit and wait day in and day out for that special someone who will welcome them into their heart and home. Then my thoughts turn to the ones who sadly will never again know the tenderness of a kind hand or the warmth of a loving home and, one more time, my eyes well up with tears of sorrow. Maybe tomorrow someone will come, maybe tomorrow 💔

I pray that somehow, someway, someday this human race will come to realize the wonderful gift of joy, companionship and unconditional love these animals bring to our lives and what a gift and blessing they are to us. Yes, most days my eyes cry tears sorrow and I wonder how I can do what I do , however on nights like tonight, one loving glance at my content, peaceful and so loved fur fellas and I wonder no more ❤

They are my dogs, my heart light, my 4 legged family fur members and I love them ❤ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, mommy loves and misses you so <3

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