Jul 28, 2018

Sometimes life gets in the way and we foolishly forget to reach out and spend time with those that are most important to us. We more oft than not put off today what we believe we can do tomorrow. Since the inception of Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. 7 years ago, I have come to realize that time waits for no one and my 3 fur boys continue to remind me of the importance of making time for the ones we love. They will, from time to time, relentlessly nudge my arm as if to say "hey mom, remember us"? They have made me aware of so many of the "little things" that really matter in life, a pat on the head, a gentle touch, a sloppy wet kiss, a happy waggin' tail , dancin' paws and the joy of knowing how much I am loved and appreciated.

They continue to teach me and I continue to learn so many of life's little lessons that sometimes slip my mind in this hurried and haphazard world we live in. To them there is no such thing as " I wish I would have" or "If only", they live only for the moment that is before them and they embrace each and every day as a gift to be treasured. Yes my friends, they remind me how important it is to be forgiving, compassionate, kind and most importantly, loving. Perhaps one day, with their help, I will be the person they so lovingly believe me to be. Today I know I am a much better person because of them and I will continue to "follow their lead" for they truly have learned the real meaning behind "love like you have never been hurt and live your life like there is no tomorrow". They are my dogs, my four legged family fur members, my teachers in life and oh how I love them. ❤ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, mommy loves and misses you so <3

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