May 3, 2019

Sometimes, when I watch them sleep, I wonder what their lives were like before rescue and my eyes well up 😩 Chauncy, who was picked up by AC from the streets, will sometimes cry in his sleep and I quickly go to comfort him, holding him and assuring him he is safe from all harm and within minutes, he is contently snoring away in my arms ❤️ Popcorn, who had his nose beaten with a blunt object and split open, will also whimper in his sleep from time to time, and all it takes is for mom to hold him, kiss his half of a little nose, remind him he too is safe from all harm, and he falls fast asleep in my arms with nary a care in the world ❤️

Rambo must have been hit in his past life and he also must have spent a good deal of his time outside and alone 😩 When I would raise my hand to pet him, he would cower, and he looked terrified 😩 Slowly over this past year, he now knows I would never hurt him and lets me not only raise my hand to pet him but also open my arms to give him big hugs ❤️ He also hates to be alone and panics when he can’t see or get to me and he follows me everywhere. Over this last year he has become more secure and has finally realized he is not going to be tossed outside or ever abandoned again, he now has his own little family that he loves and watches over ❤️ He has learned that it’s ok to play thanks to his little whirling dervish of a fur brother and it just warms my heart ❤️At night, when I finally crawl into bed, he lays on the floor right next to me UNTIL I turn off the light and settle in. Somehow he knows I am ok and so he gets up, comes to give me a kiss and waits for his good nite hug and then settles in on his big bed and falls fast asleep ❤️

My life is so full of joy and love with these 3 fur boys and every day with them is a true gift and blessing ❤️ They are my dogs, my 4 legged family fur members, and I love them ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, mommy loves and misses you so ❤️