Sep 3, 2021


Upcoming Changes to the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic Hours

Due to several factors we have found it necessary to change the hours we are open at the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic. We will be extending our daily weekday hours, and closing on Saturdays. Please note that overall, the clinic is still open the same amount of hours, and staying open later on weekdays to make it easier for clients that previously could only come in on weekends.

The new schedule begins on 9/14/21.
Our new schedule will be as follows:

Monday Closed
Tuesday 8-6:30 pm
Wednesday 8-6:30 pm
Thursday 8-6:30 pm
Friday 8-6:30 pm
Sat/Sun Closed

There are several reasons we need to make these changes. First is the increased workload. Since the pandemic started, the veterinary field has remained open as an essential business. Our staff and clinic has seen a steady increase in clients over the past 12 months as more and more families have found the joy of sharing their homes with new pets. This has led to the second issue we face, increased demand for appointments and a staff that is struggling to keep up. The third issue is the veterinary field is experiencing a nationwide shortage of staff at all levels (veterinarians, technicians, customer service), which is affecting us currently. We are searching for a second veterinarian (we have been looking for several months) but between a lack of available candidates, uneasiness about the pandemic, and a general exhaustion in the field, our search continues. As soon as we are able to find a 2nd vet and staff appropriately, we will extend the amount of days we will be open again.

And finally, we need to protect our staff and clients. As this pandemic continues to linger, we still need to maintain protocols that keep our clients and staff safe. Social distancing, new sick day protocols, maintaining a schedule that limits the amount of people in the clinic at any one time, constant cleaning and disinfecting, mask wearing, and all the other steps that are currently necessary in an effort to keep our doors open. This seems to be an ever changing, moving target, but we are committed to providing you with a safe, professional, courteous experience as we care for your beloved pet. One way we can do that is by giving our staff more days at home to rest and recharge. Thank you so much for your continued patronage. We love taking care of your pets!

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