SAFE!!! (4 - 2014) ADOPTED/RESCUED/REUNITED!!! Waaahooo!!!

Feb 12, 2014

SUPER URGENT!!! Santa Rosa, CA; “Helena” Beautiful, Deaf Akita X or Perhaps a Cattle Dog X **PLEASE HELP** NOT SURE HOW MUCH MORE TIME WILL BE GIVEN AT THE SHELTER!!! ONLY 3 YEARS OLD!!!

UPDATE 2/12!!! It appears that Helena is being temporarily fostered for the shelter by North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement. She is still in need of finding a permanent forever home or rescue!!! We cannot believe that beautiful Helena has not been scooped up yet, but she hasn't!!! Over 1300 shares and we haven't hit the right person yet!!! Please someone step up and give this girl a chance!!! A permanent forever home where she will be kept safe for the rest of her life! Please!!!


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