Dec 4, 2018

The always let us know :-( I remember when Popcorn let me know he was beat with a flashlight :-( Kringle's loving foster mommy tells us " I think perhaps Kringle was hit with a baseball bat. Yesterday when we all came home from the park I was helping carry some of the baseball gear into the house. As soon as Kringle saw the bats, he cried out and hid behind one of the boys. I quickly put the bats in the garage, but felt so bad for the poor pup and what he must have been thru. I'm just baffled and amazed how he could ever trust another human again after all he's been thru. He's so loving." :-(

I will never comprehend how anyone could ever bring harm to these innocent animals :-( Sweet Kringle, just like Popcorn, will soon learn and trust that he is forever safe from all harm and that nothing or no one will ever hurt him again <3

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