The amazing story and journey of  a little dog named Pho and how he found his was back to LNPB  ❤

Jul 31, 2020

The amazing story and journey of a little dog named Pho and how he found his was back to LNPB ❤

On June 8, 2020 Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. was alerted to 4 dogs being surrendered to the shelter, Rusty, Koi, Gibb and Pho. We offered to take all 4 however Pho and Koi were privately adopted. On June 11th Koi was returned to the shelter, we were alerted and he was reunited with his other buddies. Then on 7/16 we got alerted that Pho was returned to the shelter, he was unable to walk and only had until 3:00 PM that day or he would be PTS. The rest, as they say my friends, is history.

Now we were told we had a very short window of time if we were going to try to help Pho be able to walk again. I reached out to 3 Specialists, 2 of whom told me the best thing we could for Pho was to put him to sleep 😥My third, and what would be my final call on 7/17/2020, was with Philip Schlisser, DVM, at the Veterinary Neurology Center, who at that point had Pho and examined him. He too explained that Pho would probably never have any quality of life AND that an operation would not guarantee he would ever walk again. He gave me every possible negative out come that could happen, including the odds of less than 3% success if we were to elect to have it. I then asked him if he had ever had a case like Pho and if he did was it a success, to which he replied " yes". I then said " what if Pho is in that 3 % ? " and , well the rest is history ❤

Pho had surgery 7/17/2020, we all prayed, we all held our breathe, we all hoped against hope HOWEVER we never stopped BELIEVING and we never gave up on this little dog who never stopped smiling or believing in us ❤ Today, just 14 days later, Pho is wagging his tail, he has feeling in both back legs and we are told, with a little help in PT, he will make a full recovery ❤

Now " what if" I would have listened to all the others? "What if" this amazing, kind, compassionate and gentle man, had not taken the time to listen to me ? " What if " I was easy to get rid of and last, but not least, " What if " I never looked into an animals eyes and listened to my heart ?

Yes this is the story of a little dog named Pho and his journey back to LNPB. A journey that would not only save his life but would also restore the faith in the kindness and goodness of humans ❤ Yes Villagers, this is a story about how all of us, together, paw in hand, rallied around in the 11th hour, and gave a little dog named Pho a happy ending and a brand new beginning ❤ Thank you all for your continued love and support and for all you do for the animals. You all give me the strength and courage to never give up and to do what we do best, save lives ❤ tw, LNPB

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