The incredible journey of how Willow came to be ❤

Jul 21, 2022

The incredible journey of how Willow came to be ❤

Happy Thursday from Willow ❤️ Her rescue story is truly one of divine intervention ❤️ Her new family was visiting their ranch 3 weeks ago in Mohave. While they were walking/hiking they heard whimpering and followed the sound and realized it was coming from a culvert close to the highway. Looking further they discovered a very skinny and scared little puppy hiding out in there.

Try as hard as they could, she would not budge however they never gave up and continued to go up and leave water and food in an attempt to save her. They notified animal control and a nearby shelter, but no one ever came 💔

This past Sunday their 15-year-old beloved little dog died in his mommy’s arms and they were devastated ❤️ They built a little coffin for his remains to bury him up at their ranch, his name was Willy ❤️

They headed up to the ranch and as they were getting ready to lay Willy to rest, they suddenly saw this skinny little puppy who had evaded rescue for 3 weeks, suddenly appear and approach them with her skinny little tail waggin between her hind legs. They did not want to startle her, so they headed back to their car, watching her as she followed them, they opened the door, stepped back, and she jumped right in ❤️

Coincidence? Divine intervention? All I know is this little dog somehow survived being abandoned in the desert for 3 weeks plus, avoiding all rescue attempts and on the very day this family was broken hearted and saying goodbye to their beloved Willy, this little girl suddenly approached them and was ready to go home ❤️

Miracles happen every day, our animals continue to watch over us when they leave and somehow they guide another, who needs help, to us thereby answering that never ending question, “who rescued who” ❤️ In loving memory of Willy she was named Willow and she will never again be alone, abandoned, hungry or thirsty and will never face the harsh elements she somehow survived in the desert for so long❤️ All I know and believe is that "someone" from above intervened that day and rescued 3 broken hearts ❤️
tw ,LNPB

Her new mommy tells us “Now she has a bed + a crate. She loves to lay in there and feels so safe. We started leash training, she doesn’t have the hang of it yet, but she’s so smart, she’ll catch on. ❤️”

Welcome home Willow, welcome home ❤

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