Coronavirus 2020 Outbreak: Latest Updates

Mar 15, 2020

The most informative site I have seen yet on the Coronavirus! It breaks down the cases state by state and is quite informative. Remain diligent, wash your hands, continue to adhere to #socialdistancing , avoid traveling if possible, try to relax, hug those furs and binge watch NETFLIX or your favorite TV shows/Movies. This too shall pass, not today though, it’s going to take some time :-( Good time to pick up the phone and stay in touch and check up on family, elderly neighbors and friends and there is always your FB family here to listen and offer support 🤗🤗🤗
#staycalm #washyourhands #stayinformed #stayhome #disinfect #bekind #berespectful #youarenotalone


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