Oct 6, 2018


Sadly sometimes fosters just do not work out through no fault of the animal 😞 In less then 36 hours I was hearing grumblings of " he does nothing but sleep and you never told me he was blind". Now Fabio is not blind, he is sight impaired due to his severe dry eye that caused ulcers on his cornea's and he is being treated. Today I received an email that said " Sad thing is all he does is sleep, it's as though he is not even here. I'll give him a week to 10 days, if I don't see a change I am going to have to return him. " I immediately told her we were going to come and pick him up today. NOW when it comes to our rescues I admit I am a MAMA BEAR, maybe sometimes a roaring Lioness when I have to be their voice, however not as " strong as a TRUCK DRIVER or as controlling as a VISE ", like she said when she lashed out at me, which I have to admit my little feelers were hurt for a minute until I realized that maybe I can be when it comes to the well being and safety of our animals so I suppose she was paying me a compliment 😄 What I do know is I am very protective of our rescues and never, ever want them to be somewhere they are not fully loved or cared for 😞 So Fabio is back safe and sound with LNPB ❤

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