Aug 2, 2018

They want nothing more then to know they are loved and safe from all harm. They want nothing more then to please and comfort. They have all had traumatic and abusive pasts and yet they remain so trusting, so forgiving, so giving and oh so loving. I cannot ever imagine raising my hand to them, except to lovingly pet them and even then I place my hand in front of them and then let them meld into me. I watch them, their eyes tell so many stories, most of them sad which makes me grateful they cannot tell me what really happened to them in the past :-( Given their history, I would not blame them one iota if they were hesitant and wary of another human and yet it is almost as if they know that those days of the past are gone forever. I tell them each and every day that they continue to make me strive to be a better person AND with a wag of their tail and a few big sloppy wet kisses I can almost hear them say " You are our human savior, our days and nights of abuse and neglect ended and our new life began the day we met you, and we want you to know that we are your dogs, your 4 legged family fur members and you are our " mommy" and we all love you to the moon and back " <3 tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, mommy loves and misses you so <3

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