THIS ❤️❤️❤️ I scooped him up today for a play date and now he is sleeping like a baby ❤️ We had a nice mommy

Sep 1, 2019

THIS ❤️❤️❤️ I scooped him up today for a play date and now he is sleeping like a baby ❤️ We had a nice mommy and me chat as we cuddled on the couch, then he went and got his dolly and invited me to play ❤️ It is so HOT here in So Ca so he had me chase him all through the house ❤️ It did the both of us a world of good ❤️

I remember how Chauncy grieved when we lost Alley and I could see this little guy was getting anxious and stressed and his spirits were down 😢 I have been so absorbed in my own grief and heartbreak that it was all I could do to get out of bed 😩 Then Rambo came to get me, he led me to the “man cave “ where I heard the tiniest little whimper under the day bed 💔 I knelt down, called him and he flew right into my arms ❤️

I sat there with him for awhile, crying and hugging him and I told him “ mommy is here and everything is going to be ok “ ❤️ I assured him that me, him and Rambo have each other and together, one day at a time, we were going to weather the storm and heal each other ❤️ We then enjoyed the afternoon cuddling and playing and he tucked himself in for the night ❤️ Now this lil fella has so many beds however he prefers sleeping on washable pee pads, I think they are comfy and cool ❤️

Rambo joined in and he too put himself to bed for the night 😄 It is the first time in awhile I actually smiled and laughed ❤️ Animals are amazing little beings, they love and they grieve and they look to us to help and comfort them ❤️ Rambo came to me because he was worried about Pops and thanks to him, the 3 of us were able to reconnect our little family and help each other ❤️ Though we will continue to grieve our loss, we know we will all be ok, we have each other and with paw in hand we will heal together ❤️ They are my dogs, a true gift and blessing in my life, and I love them ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angels Alley and Chauncy, mommy loves and misses you so ❤️

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