Dec 6, 2018

This big fella had quite the day and gave me quite the scare 😞 I look at him at times and it is so hard to remember what he looked like over a year ago and if I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would never believe this is the same dog ❤ Rambo suffers with Pemphigus, it is non curable, yet manageable, and our own Doctors and Specialists told us his was the worst case they had ever seen 😞 They told us that most people will put their animals to sleep who suffer with this due to the ongoing care and cost of medicines that are needed 😞 We never gave up on Rambo and he never gave up on us, he was hospitalized for 8 months undergoing treatment and he got a lot worse before he started to get better. We had the best team of Doctors that also never gave up him and when he came to live at LNPB this past February, he still was quite a mess 😞

Well he has been living here with us for 10 months and just look at him now! He has a full coat of fur, something even the doctors doubted would ever happen, and he is doing great! He is the BEST dog and I have to tell you, he found a spot in my heart that I never thought would open up again after I lost my Alley 💔 He protects his home, me and his fur brothers, he alerts me if he feels something is wrong with Chauncy or Popcorn and he never leaves my side ❤ He takes 8 pills a day and I am always very diligent with my written schedule making sure he receives them and thankfully, he is so easy to pill 🙂

We have had an uphill battle to get to where we are today and when I saw that HUGE lump on his elbow this morning my heart sank 😞 Sadly, due to the high amount of steroids he has had to take and continues to take, along with all of his other medication to keep him in remission, it has left him with " thin skin, weak muscles and fragile bones" although his spirit soars ❤ He has to remain quiet and he has to rest and in a few days he will be in an elbow brace, which he will not care for, however we will get through this together paw in hand ❤ Doc says he needs to be crated with lots of bedding , so he has 2 beds , a big old comfy down blanket and pain meds and as you can see, he is quite comfy and out for the night ❤

He is so much more then my forever foster, he is a member of my family and he, like Popcorn and Chauncy, makes my heart smile ❤ They are my dogs, my heart lights, I am their human mommy, and I love them all ❤ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, mommy loves and misses you so <3

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