Aug 16, 2018


This coming Saturday, 8/18/18, is " Clear The Shelters Day " Nationwide and LNPB is standing by. This coming Saturday will mean freedom for so many young and adoptable dogs however what happens for animals like sweet Louisa ? What happens to the sick and aging seniors, the ones that are all too often left behind, the ones that have been abandoned by the only humans they ever loved in their time of need ? The sad reality is these sweet animals, Louisa and so many others like her, will never know the warmth and safety of a loving home, they will never know how much their life matters or that anyone cares :-( Sadly they will be left behind to die alone and wondering on a cold shelter floor :-( Yes, " Clear the Shelters Day', for many means sure death :-(

Here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. , each and every day, we care about their fate, we care about Louisa and so many like her and we would love to help her and so many like her who, instead of getting groomed and ready for the biggest adoption event of the year where they will walk out the front door with a new loving family, will take that last walk down a dark and dingy hall that every animal fears :-( This Saturday, and every day, please help us let them know that no matter what, they are loved and that their life matters <3 Please help us " Clear the Shelters " of those that are never seen in public, the ones that are left behind to die alone and wondering on a cold shelter floor :-( The difference between their life and death is a place to call home <3 If you can open your heart and home and live in the Los Angeles, Ca and surrounding areas, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com. Please don't let them die alone and wondering <3

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