Aug 10, 2018

This sweet momma has one of the saddest " tails of woe " we have ever heard :-( She was " owner surrendered" to the shelter with her daughter on 7/24 and yes, you guessed it, her daughter at only 1 year old was adopted out and she was left behind :-( She went from being an energetic and happy momma to a very depressed and lonely dog after watching her little one being taken away :-( Now we tried to rescue her last week however they found a chip on " Bina " which did not belong to the people who turned her in and the owners per the chip turned up at the shelter after their legal hold was up and DEMANDED both dogs back. They left this senior mom behind to continue to suffer in the shelter UNTIL both dogs are returned :-( WHO DOES THAT!!!! Who leaves thier dog behind like that!!!! So there she sits and she is on a hold until the 17th HOWEVER today we placed our loving paw prints on her just in case something goes awry as we do not want her sitting in there one more day then she has too :-(

She will be in need of a foster in the So Ca area if by some twist of fate the owners refuse to redeem her. Please email info@leavenopawbehind.com Hold on little Bina, help will soon be on the way <3