Oct 13, 2021

This, this right here is why and how we continue to do what we do here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. ❤️ Pepper had a tennis ball lodged in her stomach, it was blocking her bowels and had we waited any longer, this video would not be here 💔

A family who loves their dog being told to “ rehome” or “ PTS” due to lack of funds to care for an unexpected emergency is the worst feeling in the world and so heartbreaking 💔 They put out an emergency plea for help and love her so much they were willing to surrender to a rescue to get her the help she needed 💔

That plea found its way to me and the rest is history ❤️ For precautionary reasons we are sending her to overnight care for observation and tomorrow morning she will be going home to the family she loves and who loves her where she belongs ❤️

I cannot tell you the overwhelming feeling of so many emotions I am feeling right night except to say this is why I built the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic ❤️ Our staff is AMAZING our DVM Alison Hoffman is just incredible and has the kindest and most compassionate heart ❤️ Earlier today when I asked if we could help she replied “ Definitely going to screw up the schedule but I don't want her to die” ❤️ Later when I thanked her she said “ It can be very rewarding” ❤️

I built the clinic, I put together a staff that believed in our mission and the rest is history ❤️

A very huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated ❤️ Today, together, one more time we moved that unmovable mountain and made the impossible possible. Together we saved a life and kept a family together, together we made a difference ❤️ Stay well, stay safe, thank you for your continued love and support and for all you do for the animals ❤️ Much love and respect, good night and God bless ❤️ tw, LNPB

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