Nov 17, 2020


LOOK AT THAT SMILE! In speaking with the Drs today the one thing they all agree on is that with the injuries Noel sustained, she should not be alive today 😪 Noel was run over by a car, they left her lying in the street, someone moved her out of the street and on to the sidewalk and then walked away. By the time her unsung hero found her, she was freezing and could not move. The mere fact that this sweet little dog beat all those odds up to this point told me she was worth fighting for ❤ Now make no mistake, when 1 or more Drs advise " humane euthanasia, I do hear what they are saying, I just go deeper and want to know why they feel that way. Now more oft then not, as in the case of Pho, the reasoning is that we are a rescue and our resources could be better spent on an animal that has better odds. My response of course is ALWAYS the same, " let me worry about our resources and talk to me " as if " I am the owner and this is my beloved pet. "

I do not seek out a specialist that is going to tell me what I want to hear, what I do seek out is one that will be honest with me, talk about the animal and take the issue of " rescue and resources " off the table. Granted Noel is very painful and who wouldn't be after being run over by a car 😪 Of course she has not wanted to eat or potty, again, who would when they are so painful ? So my question became " if we can get her pain under control, will this all change ? If, due to pain, she does not eat, can we insert a feeding tube to get her over this hump ? Once we can help her get past all of the initial injuries, pain and so forth, CAN she heal ? " The answer I received to all of the above was " yes Toby ".

All I ever ask for is 24 little hours, I mean everyone deserves at least 24 hours, that's fair. If in the 1st 24 hours there is even just a slight difference, why not go another 24 hours and so on. Am I an old fool, am I a wishful thinker, am I unreasonable, am I an eternal optimist ? Maybe, or maybe I am just that person that sees beyond the surface, looks into an animals eyes and gets my questions answers. Tonight this dog has hope, tonight this dog has the promise of tomorrow, tonight this dog has another 24 hours to receive love, kindness and know that her life matters. Tonight, this dog, for the first time in days, has a twinkle in her eye and a smile because tonight Noel knows someone looked past the obvious maladies and obstacles and looked into her eyes and saw something no one else saw, her will to live ❤

" Here is the recommendation of Dr. Sebestyen. " She does have a left sacroiliac luxation that typically needs repair. $4-4500. She has neuro deficits on that leg so if she does not have any feeling on the left PL, the amputation is the best. I confirmed that because Noel does not have deep pain, an amputation would be recommended. If Noel had deep pain then we would pursue the luxation surgical repair. "

That my friends is why and how we continue to do what we do here at LNPB. Not for the glory, not for the accolades, we do what we do because we BELIEVE, no matter what, every animal deserves a chance at a good life. As long as Noel continues to let me know she is strong enough and wants to keep going, well we are going to be right beside her, paw in hand, and keep going with her. Tonight she is resting comfortably with another one of our amazing human angel core fosters, Sandra Fisher ❤ Noel will return to the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic in the AM for a recheck and more tests and we will continue her journey to recovery, 24 little hours at a time ❤ Thank you to her heroes, the kind hearted woman who found her and took her in, Cathi Perez who rescued her with no plan UNTIL she reached out to me and to this entire Village for stepping up ❤ It really does take a Village to save a life and this little girl had an army behind her to help right the wrong that was done ❤

I want to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued love, support and kind donations and for helping us, day in and day out, continue to help them. You restore my faith in the goodness and kindness of the human race each and every day ❤ God bless, stay safe and thanks for always holding my hand ❤ tw, LNPB

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