Sep 6, 2017

THIS was how it all unfolded <3 What an amazing and heart warming day! Somewhere in the middle you will see some of our rescues AND Quin! I was speaking with the amazing Ric Browde from the Wings of Rescue last night and he could not thank us enough! He shared with me that this was the FIRST flight he can remember that transported senior/special needs animals! He shared with me that he never even thought about reaching out to us and that when we reached out to him to ask if we could help with any seniors being over looked and left behind, he was over the moon! He also shared that the animals being air lifted out for the most part are young, healthy and adoptable AND that he was so touched to be part of the senior/special needs passengers that came home to Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. He was telling me that the euthanasia rate for the seniors is 92% back there because they are the forgotten ones and the ones overlooked who stand no chance. All I can say is that we were THRILLED to be a small part of helping and grateful that we were able, in some small way, to help these very special senior/special needs animals have a second chance at life and love <3 tw, LNPB

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