Animal Hero of the Month: Toby Wisneski

Aug 2, 2013

To say that I am honored and humbled by this award would be a understatement! When I received the call from Pets Advisor letting me know I had won the "August Animal Hero of The Month Award" I was speechless! The news came after somewhat of an emotional day in rescue for LNPB and as my eyes welled up with tears, all I could think to say was "thank you so much". It is difficult for me to accept praise and accalades so when Kristine kept telling me "what a wonderful human being I am" and "do you have any idea how many people admire and love you and the work you do" along with "you need to embrace this award and celebrate who you are", again, all I could say was "thank you". I guess I never really think of myself as a "Hero" in rescue because I could not do what I do without the love and support of all of our LNPB Villagers. To me, when I think of "Heroes", I think about our wonderful and amazing DVM's Mark Hone and MaryAnn Hart and the entire staff from East Valley Veterinary Clinic/Mark Hohne DVM, who work so hard to restore these loving animals back to health so they can have the promise of tomorrow. I think of Tina and Rita from Rita's Grooming who donate their time to treat our rescues to their very own spa day so they can feel refreshed and clean. I think of the LNPB Villagers who donate and work so hard networking day in and day out to help save lives. Last but not least, when I think of "Heroes" I cannot help but think of our wonderful network of LNPB fosters! These are the folks that step up time after time and open their hearts and homes to help us continue to help them and save so many lives. Yes, when I think of "Heroes" I admit I never think of myself. Today , however, when I opened up the LNPB FB page, there is was staring me in the face, " Animal Hero of the Month: Toby Wisneski" and I must admit, I blushed, got teary eyed and for a split second, tried to embraced those 15 minutes of fame. I want to thank our very own loving foster Tamarfor the beautiful nomination and Kristine and the staff at Pets Adviser for awarding with me with this special honor and tribute. Last but not least I want to thank all of you for your continued support, love and friendship and most importantly, for all you do for the animals. You all continue to restore my faith in the kindness of this human race. I also want to thank a very special dog named Colby who, on March 31, 2012, inspired our mission right here at LNPB. I know his bright and shining star continues to shine and that his tail is happily wagging and smiling down on us as we continue to work lovingly to "Leave No Paws Behind". <3 tw, LNPB

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