UPFRONT AND PERSONAL ❤️ To say this is a day filled with emotion, happiness and tears of joy would be an understatement

Jun 3, 2021

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL ❤️ To say this is a day filled with emotion, happiness and tears of joy would be an understatement ❤ Where does the time go ? I remember the day he was born, the day I became a Nana and all the days and memories that lead right up to today! Quinton Wisneski you are this Nana's hero, I remember the day you were DX with Type 1 diabetes and how you ran up to your Nana in the hospital, in tears and climbing in my lap, asking me to please don't let them give you another needle 💔 Many years later you now maintain your diabetes like a champ along with your amazing dogs. I remember the very first time, you were no bigger then a peanut, we were out back, you saw a lizard and promptly asked " Nana can you catch " AND to my surprise and your dad's Nana caught and then convinced you that the little critter needed to be free to be with his family and you agreed ❤

I remember every single moment of your life, some good, some not so good, some happy and others sad, yes, Quinton Wisneski this old Nana remembers them all. What stands out the most with me is how resilient you were, how you handled each hurdled you were handed in life head on with bravery. You have grown into a remarkable young man and there has not been one day since you were born that I have not been proud to be your Nana.

You also have two of the most amazing people as parents, and though it has not been easy for them, many days/nights of worry and fear, they never, ever dropped your hand and have always supported and loved you ❤ Frank Wisneski and Laurie Hirsch Wisneski you are AMAZING and this day is for you, Quinton Wisneski is here today thanks to all of your worries, fears, endless nights of no sleep, caring, support and most of all, LOVE ❤ Today you get to bask in the celebration and glory and this one is for you, GREAT JOB ❤

Tonight, as you watch your young man walk that stage and receive his diploma, stand proud, stand tall and know, that if you ever had any doubts about being good parents, tonight proves differently!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you, I am not only a proud Nana, I am a proud mom and I love you all ❤ Here's to new beginnings and adventures as you all turn the page and begin a new chapter, knowing although it may not have been easy,
it sure has been worth it ❤❤ #Graduate2021 #wemadeit

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