Today was a sad day as my family bid a heartbreaking, tear filled good bye to a true hero in her own right.

Jun 29, 2020

Today was a sad day as my family bid a heartbreaking, tear filled good bye to a true hero in her own right. Tonight there will be a disturbance in the force as there will be one empty bowl in the rotation honoring the loss of a beloved pet. Tomorrow there will be tears that will be shed with the loss of a waggin tail greeting everyone a good morning. Yes for many days and months to come there will be a sadness and a crack in the hearts of those that knew and loved Raven 😢

We are but mere humans who, when blessed with the unconditional love of an animal, get to experience a little slice of heaven right here on earth. We give our love so freely and without reservations, to God's most precious living beings fully knowing that one day they will leave us with a shattered heart. The only fault I have found with our beloved pets is that they do not live forever.

My heart has been broken over the years more times then I count however I would not have changed one moment that I was blessed with them in my life. Each and every paw print that is etched in my heart has taught me some of life's most greatest lessons. Forgiveness is a given, trust is earned, time waits for no one, live each day to the fullest, be happy, be grateful, take nothing or no one for granted and the most important lesson of all, love, when it is truly felt from the heart, is always unconditional . Tonight I am going to hold them a little closer, hug them a little tighter and remind them that they are my dogs, my heart lights, they have helped me to become a better person and I love them. ❤ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Raven, say hello to Alley and Chauncy and know, though your time with us was too short, you taught us all the true meaning of living each day to the fullest. Raven, this old Nana wants to thank you for taking such amazing care of my boys, though our hearts are broken one day we will learn to stop crying because it's over and learn to smile because it happen ❤ RIP our sweet K9 Raven and thank you for your many years of life saving service, you will forever be A Guardian Angel for Quinton ❤ Love, Nana

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