Aug 23, 2018

TRIXIE BLUE NEEDS YOUR HELP! I don't even know where to start so I will take it slow and stick to her medical needs 😞 Trixie was taken back and waiting in isolation at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks ( recognize that area from Valentino ? ) to be tested for Sarcoptic Mange which the shelter told us they feared she had. The good news is she tested negative however they did see some Demodex, which normally happens with immune suppression however it is treatable and not contagious . So tonight, after her bath, she will be moved to a very comfy kennel with a clean and comfy bed ❤ There were lots of bacteria and WBC's on her cytology however no yeast.

Now the Doc believes Trixie to be much younger then the shelter states, and she thinks Trixie is between 5-8. Trixie's front teeth are worn down from what Doc believes happened from " chewing on bars " 😞 Trixie is severely emaciated, her lymph nodes are all swollen, she has a very severe, deep and chronic skin infection and ear infection. She is so emaciated with hardly any fat that both of her eyes are sunken in 😞 The horrors this poor dog has known are beyond my comprehension and yet she remains so trusting and loving and I do believe she now knows she is safe from all harm, loved and that her life matters ❤

We have received an estimate to start of $1,089.73-$1,245.73 ( exam is NC) which includes blood work, fecal, skin scraping, cytology, RW culture, eye test, vaccine and hospital stay. Please, please help us continue to help this sweet girl, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible ❤️

We are her voice and we will be heard ❤️


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