Aug 23, 2018

TRIXIE UPDATE! Ok I am going to preface this with " there is an open investigation by the county of Los Angeles Animal control on behalf of Trixie Blue ".

Now where to start 😞 Let me first tell you that for all this dog has endured, she is the sweetest and most loving dog AND she knows today she is loved, safe from all harm and the horrors that she has known are OVER!!!!

Trixie's blood work came back showing extremely high WBC ( 29,000) and Neutrofils ( 23,000) all related to what we believe is her severe skin infection 😞 Her blood sugar is low, her thyroid is low, she has a UTI, dry eye, and is slightly anemic. She is emaciated, a bag of bones AND, as I suspected, NOT SPAYED!!! Now she is believed to be only 6 years old, not 10 as the " owners" stated. She has had LITTERS, AND, if you have digested all of that to this point, her front canines were SAWED OFF, ( Doc confirmed it is done so animal cannot BITE ) in this case her abusers !!!

IN SPITE OF ALL OF THIS, Trixie, is very trusting of the humans that are now tending to her very serious medical needs and is being a little trooper. We are waiting on the results of one more test and then we may move forward to biopsy her skin lesions.

I am never, ever going to understand the mentality of the so called " back yard breeders" and the inhumane treatment of these animals, NEVER!!! So for those of you that took pity saying " aww the owners probably could not afford her care", PLEASE READ ALL OF THE ABOVE OVER AND OVER AGAIN! We will be fully cooperating with this investigation and we WILL ALL BE TRIXIE BLUE'S VOICE!!! NO ANIMAL should ever have to know this kind of inhumane treatment!

Trixie knows that here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc., we are people, helping people, helping paws and TOGETHER we make the impossible possible and we move that unmovable mountain. TOGETHER we save lives because we believe, no matter what, their life matters ❤ tw, LNPB

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