Mar 15, 2019

WARNING GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING PHOTOS AT THE END! Here at Leave No Paws Behind, we did not and will not look away 💔

UPATE ON OLLIE! UNBELIEVABLE! Ok I had to make these BW because all the red and blood is too graphic and to much to handle HOWEVER I did post them at the end, ( they are the last 2 photos, ) so you can see the sad and harsh reality of how this poor dog has suffered 💔 So please, I AM WARNING YOU, if you have a weak stomach, do not
look 😩

These are Ollie’s x rays and mouth exam and we have to wait for the report from the radiologist for a final reading. Now at this point what we do know is there is severe infection and of course we cannot rule out cancer 😩

I cannot even imagine the pain and anguish Ollie has known over these last 6 months, I am speechless, heart broken and physically sick to my stomach 😩 Who allows this kind of suffering to happen to an innocent dog 😡😡😡 I honestly believe Ollie held on in all that pain hoping that somehow, someway, someone would find him and rescue him from the hell he has been living 💔

Today I spoke with the investigating officer, who thanked me for all we do and for speaking up for Ollie. I have sent these photos along with others and our full medical report will be sent once the report on his x rays is in. Ollie’s case is now “ open and ongoing” so I will no longer be able to discuss it. What I can tell you is Ollie now has a voice and he is being heard loud and clear! A very huge and heart felt thank you to Fox 11 Los Angeles and Matt Johnson for helping us tell his story as we move forward in getting #justiceforOllie All paws are raised in 🙏🙏🙏

“ Hi Toby! Once again, it was a pleasure speaking to you.
If you can please send me any medical information and photos you have on “Ollie/Brownie,” I will greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Again, this is an open investigation, please do not disclose any information. Thank you for what you do!”

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