UP FRONT AND PERSONAL ❤️ It’s be a long 7 months though at times  hard to believe where that time has gone.

Oct 16, 2020

UP FRONT AND PERSONAL ❤️ It’s be a long 7 months though at times hard to believe where that time has gone. March 10th I was getting excited as we were putting on the finishing touches of what was to be the grand opening at the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic and then it happened, we went on lock down due to Covid 😩 Life as we all knew it changed and 7 months later here we all are feeling like nothing will ever be the same.

I was use to having weekly meetings, going to the clinic, seeing my family and friends and never dreaming that would end in the blink of an eye. Seven long and lonely months later and here we all are. It appears there will be no gatherings for TG and Christmas and to be honest, it is all starting to take a toll on me 😩

During these 7 months I was able to plow through the pandemic and, deemed an essential budiness, open the doors to the clinic in May. We have been making a difference in the lives of so many pets and their families and rescues and that has kept my mind busy and my heart full. Lately I find myself slowing down, getting lonely, tired, cranky and anxious. My fears surrounded by Covid are insurmountable and I can no longer watch the news on a day to day basis 😩 I am sharing my experience, strength and hope to let you know that if you are feeling this too, you are not alone.

I consider myself strong however for the past few days I have struggled. Sometimes the phone is not enough, social media no longer fills that empty void and I stop trying to pretend it’s all ok and break down and cry 😩 Just when I think I am at the end of my rope, I come to this page and begin to read your warm and loving comments and everything that I thought was wrong in my world suddenly disappears ❤️

In closing, I just want you to know that if you are struggling, you are not alone. We are all human, we all have melt downs, breaking points, we cry, we get angry, lonely, anxious and depressed at all that is happening in the world today. When you find yourself in that state, try to remind yourself that there is still so much good in the world, there are still kind people and there will always be someone ready to pick you up if you should stumble. When I was an AA speaker I always use to tell newcomers “ God didn’t bring you this far to drop you on your butt” ❤️

So please stay safe, stay well, talk to a friend, don’t isolate from others when you are troubled and always remember behind every dark and gloomy cloud there is always a sliver of light and a silver lining. We are in this together, we will get through this together one day at a time ❤️ We may not to able to hug each other however our fur family members , true gifts and blessings in our lives, are only an arms length away ❤️ God bless, check in and stay safe and thank you for listening and for all you do for the animals ❤️ tw, LNPB

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