UPDATE 4/15/2021 4:

Apr 15, 2021

UPDATE 4/15/2021 4:52 PM

I prayed for direction, I asked for a sign and I just received this :
“ Update from Dr. Lottati: His platelets are at 248,000. His white blood cell count is at 30K, half of what it was before , but his fever has returned.” Then I began to see all of your kind donations pouring in and I broke down in tears knowing my prayers were answered ❤️ We are moving forward and it is now out of my hands, up to Alfie and the skill of the amazing DVM Maya Lottati and the wonderful staff at TrueCare for pets ❤️ Thank you all again for your continued love and support ❤️ Please continue to raise your paws in prayer for the kindest dog I have ever met ❤️ tw, LNPB

UPDATE 4/15/2021 3:25 PM!

WE FINALLY HAVE A DX! It's not the best news HOWEVER at least now the Doc knows what we are are dealing with! I have told them that when Alfie comes home from the hospital he does great for 2 days, he eats well and is perky. After 2 days he stops eating and he sits and stares at the wall, he is non responsive and his breathing gets labored and I rush hum back to the hospital! Well the Doc got to see this for herself and the culprit has been that he has been throwing blood clots and has Lung Thrombosis. His x rays today looked better and if Pneumonia the antibiotics would have been helping and he would not be having these episodes.

I asked if there is treatment and she said yes HOWEVER it is more complicated due to his underlying IMTP and of course he could have a major stroke at any time and die 💔 He is breathing better and his resting heart rate is 30 beats per minute again however he is " dull ". Now I have this new information and I am honestly at a loss and frozen as to how to move forward. I will be getting an estimate and a photo soon which I will post. I am going to walk away right now and pray for the direction that is in the best interest of Alfie. As always, there are no guarantees and IF the treatment is working we should see some improvement in 24 hours, worse case, he passes throughout the night or I can make the decision to end his suffering now 💔

This has been such an emotional roller coaster for me as I am sure it has been for all of you. I have to now step aside and pray for the right decision for Alfie. We have $2,400.00 left in his little account however I am sure this next step is going to cost at least that and maybe more. I need to take a time out and hope the answer as to what is best for Alfie comes to me. Thank you all for understanding and your continued thoughts and prayers, tw, LNPB


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