Jul 6, 2018

UPDATE!!!! OK so after going back and forth with the Vet and the attendants that have been caring for these two and of course our amazing loving and life saving foster in place WE ARE GOING TO GIVE IT A TRY!!! This has been a tough one because, we all agree they need to decompress and have time away from the settings of hospitals and shelters and we all agree we have to give them a chance! If it does not work out then we can at least say we gave it a try and move to plan B! All of that being said, both Sugar and Pede will be leaving TOGETHER TODAY and we are all going to hope for the best <3

Well Sugar and Pede are going home today HOWEVER there has been some new developments and this is what we have learned :-( In speaking with the Doc this morning she informed us " these two CANNOT go home together, they are not bonded. Sugar continuously aggressively attacks him and this morning had him by the neck and few blood". Now this was not observed at the shelter because they were never kenneled together :-( Oh we were so disheartened to hear all of this HOWEVER we recently learned from the shelter staff that they did not believe they were bonded :-( Here is what we know, Pede is more then likely recently blind which makes him anxious, nervous and very needy, bless his little heart <3 He seeks out the " smells" of those around him and he then approaches Sugar who immediately lunges after him :-( Now Sugar was kenneled with other dogs and did just fine, however due to Pede's recent condition and his neediness, we believe that Sugar gets extremely agitated when he approaches her face and licks her and then she attacks him :-(

All of that being said, we cannot put either of these dogs in harms way, especially poor, sweet Pede who is so vulnerable and helpless <3 Now both dogs by themselves are very sweet and loving HOWEVER they are not, nor do we believe ever have been, bonded :-( We spoke to the loving foster this morning to explain the situation and we told her that we do not think it is advisable at this point to keep them together and she agreed. The good news is we were able to save two lives that day and the better news is that Sugar and Pede each have a loving foster ready to welcome them home today so they can continue to decompress, heal and know lots of love and kindness <3 We are as disappointed as most of you are HOWEVER we are glad this all came to light before any real harm was done <3 Pede's foster is only temporary so if you are in the So Ca area and can open your heart and home to this sweet boy, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com

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