Apr 19, 2015

Update! Sadly, we are learning there are so many dogs that have gone missing and unaccounted for :-( I believe someone is working on an album or FB page where all missing dogs will be posted. This has really hit the entire rescue community very hard however everyone has banned together to help. At this point, our focus must remain on the animals and their whereabouts and let the law enforcement focus on their investigation. Thank you for your continued support and for all you do for the animals <3 tw, LNPB

Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.Posted· April 17 at 4:11pm ·

There has been a lot of concern here of late of so many animals missing from one foster home. Here at LNPB we value the lives of all of our senior rescues and try to assure we place them in homes where they will be safe from all harm and continue to thrive. Back in December we had a foster who offered to take on Patrick and Bronson with a promise to give them continued care. We vetted this foster, we did a home check and at that time, everything was in order. This foster was "well respected" by many rescues who allowed her to foster their own dogs. She fostered for us before and we had absolutely no issues! The dogs were well cared for at that time and went off to forever homes! She has been very well known and liked in the rescue community for years which is why this was all so shocking and devastating to not only us, but many other reputable rescues!

We are very strict about who fosters our dogs AND one of our requirements is they must have a FB account and add us as a friend. We are in contact with our foster on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, doing check ups, requiring recent photos and also bringing our rescues in for check ups to make sure they are being well cared for. This is one of the main reasons we continue to provide all medical care at our vets ONLY AND when our fosters bring them in they must wait in the waiting room because I go back with the Docs and make sure they are being cared for and if not, the foster goes home alone! ( we have yet to encounter that issue) When this foster took Patrick and Bronson all seemed well UNTIL she started sending me the same pictures over and over again! I then began to notice on her FB page that she was rescuing/adopting and fostering a multitude of other dogs! I then contacted her requesting a recent photo of both our dogs and was mortified by what I saw. Both of them were severely emaciated and looked so very ill, which happened over a period of just 2-3 weeks! I told her immediately we were coming up to bring our dogs back home to the vets to be checked. She told me she was "not going to be around" and my response was simply " I have no problem paying Lenny to have him sit outside your house and wait for you to come home"! Lenny took off, she was there and our dogs were back in our care!

She tried to tell me it was because they were old and very sick AND that they stopped eating. When I got them to the vets, the bag of food, which we provided her was on the floor and BOTH dogs stuck their heads in it and were eating like they had not eaten in weeks! Patrick of course has since gone on to thrive in a wonderful loving foster home and is now a very healthy 90 pounds! Bronson on the other hand was in the very final stages of severe renal failure ( which was diagnosed at the time of rescue) and sadly he passed due to his on going medical condition.

Back in October this foster adopted Jasmine and again, at the time, everything checked out, there were no "red flags" so to speak!. We did get updates on her however after we pulled our 2 out in December, we were blocked and all communication ceased. In January Animal Control was called on her and they confiscated 6 dogs from her home, 3 who had to be PTS due to severe emaciation :-( Just recently, last week, AC was called again at her new residence, where 12-13 animals were confiscated and I believe 3-4 had to be PTS for severe emaciation.

Jasmine was not in either of those confiscations and we would like to know where she is and if she is still alive or has sadly crossed the bridge. This foster pulled the wool over so many rescues eyes and now so many animals cannot be accounted for. I am so grateful that I went with my gut feeling back in December and removed our animals from this horrible situation. So many facts have come to light in the last 24 hours and rescues have banded together and we will not rest until our haunting questions have been answered, there is closure where needed and most importantly, that justice will be served. We will update as we continue to learn more. Thank you all for your continued support and for all you do for the animals. <3 tw, LNPB

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