May 15, 2019

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL ❤️ Good morning ❤️ Yesterday was a tough day for my sweet boy and for mom 😩 These photos from yesterday just crushed I just knew he was so scared and had no idea why he was there 💔 It has been my experience over the years that a rescued dog almost always fears they are being abandoned again especially if they have to stay at the hospital and cannot be around their mommy or daddy 💔 Two hearts were breaking yesterday, mine and his 💔

Last night when uncle Lenny brought him home, I was right there waiting for him 😄 The instant he saw me his little eyes lit up and that tail was waggin’ away, he was so happy to be home with me 😄 He flew out of the car, I sat down on the ground , and he and was crying as he was kissing me ❤️ OMG I was in tears, he has never done that before, I think because it was a strange place and not his regular doctors and he was so scared 😩I was telling the good doc, who kept checking in and she told me ge was saying “thank you “ ❤️

This was the first time I realized that there was a possibility I could lose him and my heart just snapped in two 💔 Though he does not act it, Pops is 14 and yesterday, for the first time, his little eyes were showing his age 😩 He slept like a baby last night and Rambo was so excited his little buddy was back home and Chauncy, after giving him the once over, kissed him ❤️ He woke me up at 3:30 to go potty which of course got the whole house hold up and I didn’t mind at all ❤️ I am praying for good results from his tests today and as I held him I reassured him that no matter what, mom was always going to be here to do whatever we needed to do to make him better ❤️

It is just one more reminder that life can turn on a dime and that we need to make the most of each and every day we are blessed with them by our side ❤️ We are all looking forward to a fun and relaxing day filled with lots of sloppy, wet kisses and tail wags ❤️ Thank you again for all your kind and supportive words, prayers and love ❤️ tw, LNPB

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