Nov 6, 2021


He is an amazing man, a loving father, a devoted husband, a true advocate for animals and wonderful son. He is my heart and soul and I am, and always have been, so proud of him. He is my son, Frank Wisneski, and today he is celebrating his gift of life and I am celebrating the day my life was blessed with the greatest and most beautiful gift I have ever received ❤ He is not only an exceptional man, father, husband, and son, he is my best friend and I love him ❤ He is a true blessing in my life, he completes me and he makes each day worth living ❤️ He is my son, I am his mom and oh how I love him ❤️

Happy Birthday son, here's hoping you have one heck of a tail waggin' great day ❤️ Today is truly a day for celebration ❤ ❤️🎉🎂🍨🎉 Love, Mom

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