UPFRONT AND PERSONAL ❤️ Today I am celebrating 43 years of sobriety and sometimes it feels like only yesterday 😄

Sep 26, 2019

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL ❤️ Today I am celebrating 43 years of sobriety and sometimes it feels like only yesterday 😄 Second only to the birth of my son, it was one of the most life changing and biggest accomplishments and rewards I had acheived up until 2011 ❤️ I do not miss drinking at all and though my son Frank Wisneski jokes and says he feels like a failure cuz he didn’t drive me to drink (trust me his teenage years were no picnic and quite the challenge 😂😂😂), he was actually my motivator ❤️

Everyday, one day at a time, even today, when my feet touch the floor I say “ gotta stay sober today Toby, he may need you for something “ and after 43 years, I still show up everyday , sober and ready to take on the day 😄 Now I have never done or experienced a drug in my entire life and for that I am so grateful 😄 I just had my annual physical and my eye exam and got a clean bill of health ❤️

In the past I drank to escape a horrible childhood, when I became a parent myself I made a promise that I would never raise my child the way I was raised, I kept that promise ❤️ Life wasn’t easy however I learned to deal with the problems, the heartache and, as a sober person I learned, though the pain was difficult to handle, once I faced it head on, it was done 😄

I contribute my overall wellness to the fact I stopped abusing my body at a young age and each and every day I am grateful for the many blessings in my life ❤️ When I founded Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. 8 years ago, people worried that the the stress and pain would tempt me to falter HOWEVER it has had the opposite effect. I stay present for the animals, I stay focused, because they need me to be ❤️

Yes the heartaches are many however I have learned so much from the animals, my own and our rescues. Trust is earned, forgiveness is a given and love, when it is felt from the heart, is truly unconditional ❤️ I may not be the “perfect person” they believe me to be, however I am a much better person today because of them ❤️

So please join me today as I celebrate life, love and gratitude and one more day of sobriety because I know, somewhere, somebody, some helpless animal, is gonna need me for something today and I will be here ready, willing, able and most importantly, sober to rise to the occasion ❤️ 🎉🎉🎉 tw, LNPB

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