Mar 7, 2019

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL 😄 Almost 8 years ago I had a dream, I had a vision, I formulated a plan and then Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. was born ❤️ Our mission was, and still is, to continue to give the gift of life and love to our beloved seniors and special medical needs animal who found themselves suddenly abandoned, sick, frightened, and left to die alone and wondering on a cold shelter floor 💔

Over the last eight years I continued to have another vision, another dream, and I formulated a plan, which has now been set in motion 😄 What if, just what if, we could find a way to get to these seniors and help them and their families BEFORE we have to go get them out of the shelters when their life is almost over 😩 Here at LNPB we are people, helping people, helping paws and together we move that unmovable mountain and make the impossible possible. Together we save lives because we believe, no matter what, their life matters ❤️

I made a promise to my Alley as she entered her golden years that when it was time for us to part, I would be the last face she would ever see, the last voice she would ever hear, the last tender touch she would ever feel and the last kiss she would ever receive on her cold, wet nose. I promised her that, no matter what, I would always be there for her as she was always there for me
❤️ I kept my promise and will always be there right up to the end for all my beloved fur family members ❤️

The high cost of medical care is, what we believe more oft then not, forces those that truly love their animals, to sadly surrender them because they feel they have no other option 😩 Over these next few months, hopefully by June, LNPB will be announcing on how we are going to continue to help those who, through no fault of their own, can no longer provide the much needed medical care for there beloved fur family member ❤️ I have never been more excited and, even though it is happening late in my life, I never gave up my dream to keep our senior furs with the families they have known and loved their whole life so those loving moms and dads can keep their promise too and no longer fear they have to leave them behind ❤️ tw, LNPB

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