May 13, 2019

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.:-) I received this e mail this morning and though this writer does get a little sarcastic at times, she also had some valid points and questions which I address at the end :-)

" Toby: I have some questions about your organization. You mentioned in a post on May 9 that you are specializing in the rescue and care of senior animals but when there are post, for example, for Baby at the Baldwin Park shelter you indicate that there is nothing you can do until there is a Foster. And, there are other seniors at the Baldwin Park shelter, Bennie and an older Chi, are you working to rescue them? And then you have had Kalina and Sally in medical, or where ever they are living, for such a long time now, should you partner with another organization to get them adopted?. Do you really have any Fosters that work with you? Because, the other organizations I support do not seem to have this difficulty placing rescues in Fosters or adopting. You seem to know Fosters because once in awhile you will show montages of pets that were or are in Fosters. If they are no longer in Fosters and if the photos are older, where are the animals now? Because isn't the amount of time they are with Fosters limited? Can you, or do you reach out to these same Fosters to help with these new animals like Baby, Bennie or the older Chi at Baldwin Park? It just seems like these animals don't need to be in these shelters and you specialize in saving the senior animals but you don't, so I'm confused.

On the post from May 9 where you are talking about your senior program, there are people that want to Foster in Arizona and you don't answer them. There are also ways to transport animals out of State if someone wants to adopt them. Frankly, you don't seem to answer many questions people have for you and I feel their frustration and when you do answer your answers are not very detailed nor informative. You posted today about watching TV and all that so don't you think you should take that time instead and answer your followers? It doesn't seem like you are really being very proactive to get these animals out of the shelters and in homes. Can't these people simple go in and adopt some of these senior animals? If so, can you tell them that? Isn't it about the animals after all?

When people donate to you, where does the money go, to a specific animal or in a medical fund? And, then when these animals go to a Foster do you then pay the Foster for the animals food, medical and supplies? Just trying to figure out how all of this works at LNPB?"

My Response : " Yes LNPB specializes in seniors, end of life and those with special medical needs and we are all foster based. We do not have a facility and can rescue as long as we have some place for them to go and we do not foster or adopt out of state. Due to the nature of our rescue, and if you have been following us, you know that most animals we rescue are not adoptable and require medical care/medication for the rest of their life so they are placed in long term/hospice/ forever foster care and we continue to pay for their medical care. We pay for all medical, medications and special food when required. Those that are adoptable, which is rare, go off to find their forever homes or become " foster fails " <3 Sadly Sally and Kalina need to be the only dogs in a home so that makes it more difficult to place and yes we do work with other rescues in our area. Fosters are hard to find, especially for hospice/long term care, however we have been very fortunate and have an amazing and growing network of fosters here in the So Ca area. All photos of our animals are current and ongoing and we post all invoices of our medical costs every month and have done so for the past 8 years. :-)

When we rescue an animal we have them fully vetted and we post an estimate for their care and any FR we have going at that time goes to the care of that animal and when our goal is reached we post that as well, any extra goes on to help us continue to help those in our medical care <3 Yes people can go in to the shelters directly and adopt animals unless they are deemed " rescue only" due to age and medical. We cannot save them all, we wish we could, and of course we cannot help unless they have somewhere to go so we do our best to help one set of paws at a time. Thank you so much for all you do for the animals" <3