UPFRONT AND PERSONAL ❤ Life gets busy and most times we forget to just stop, take a deep breathe and look around at the

Jul 1, 2019

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL ❤ Life gets busy and most times we forget to just stop, take a deep breathe and look around at the everyday little miracles that are right in front of our eyes ❤ I have lived here for 23 years and I am certain there have been hundreds of birds who have nested and sadly, I do not recall any of it 😞 About a month ago I noticed a nest being built in my patio awning and for the first time in years, I stopped, took a deep breathe and began to watch the miracle of nature unfold.

Yes, life gets busy and we allow ourselves to stay in the fast lane and keep going, sometimes to our own detriment. We wake up one morning to realize the kids have grown, dear friends are no longer with us, past loves are gone, the pets have aged and yes, some of us realize, as we look around, that we are alone . Why? All because we chose to stay in the " fast lane", refusing to slow down for fear we may fail or miss out on that big opportunity that is right around the corner.

I moved out of that fast lane a few years ago and I discovered just how rewarding and blessed my life is today. I reconnected with friends from so many years ago, I spend time with my family, I have been blessed with being able to save lives, I enjoy my home and my furs and most importantly, I finally learned to sit still with myself, get comfortable with who I am and enjoy and appreciate each and every day ❤

Do I have any regrets ? To be honest, no, I enjoyed living in the fast lane in my younger years, I had a blast and the people I met, though most are gone now, the places I visited and the things I did, all got me right to where I am today, happy, content and at peace with myself ❤ Twenty six years ago I would have, and did, pass by a bird nest and only thought about the mess it was making on my patio 😞 Today I witnessed a tiny little bird, that I watched be hatched and born, take flight for the first time with his mom and dad right beside him and I cried with excitement ❤ The patio can be cleaned, the experience a once in a life time ❤️

Now some may say I am a crazy old lady, and they may be right HOWEVER this crazy old lady has never been happier or more grateful for the many gifts and blessings that are in my life today. The past is the past, sometimes it is a nice place to visit as long as you don't stay too long 🙂 The future, well that's just a hopeful dream, a fun place to let your mind wander off to as long as you don't stay there to long 🙂

When you are stuck in the past or frozen in the future you miss out on the marvelous and wonderful gifts that life has to offer today, right now, here in the present. My furs have taught me that today is truly all we have and that each moment is to be treasured as it will never return again. Yes my friends, we can learn a lot about life, love, family, ourselves and our friends just by taking a moment to stop, breathe, look around, learn from the animals, the birds, and remind yourself that , just for today, it's ok to sit back, relax, look around, listen, learn, don’t be afraid to spread your wings and take flight, trust that there will always be someone to watch over you and help you soar ❤ tw, LNPB

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