Jul 26, 2020

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL : The pandemic has changed and affected so many lives and sometimes, like today, I get down and lonely and think that is it never going to go away 😟It is especially difficult for those of us that are in the most " vulnerable class " and the isolation some times can become extremely depressing.

On the flip side of that though is, since this all started, I have become more aware of little things I never really stopped to notice. I have learned a new appreciation for things in life I use to, not intentionally, take for granted. Most importantly, I have managed to keep my daily routines like keeping up with my chores, staying on my schedule of waking up at my normal time, letting the pups go potty, feed them, showering every morning, getting dressed, then having my coffee and saying hello to all my FB friends ❤ I think it's important to stay focused and stay on schedule, though allowing flexibility, and keeping your mind sharp and intact. Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. keeps me busy as does the new Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic and for that I am grateful ❤

The staff, led by my son Frank Wisneski and VMD Missy Achenbach are doing a great job and they tell me not to worry and just relax. What they don't realize I am sure, is that LNPB gives me a purpose, it gives me a reason to wake up and look forward to each and every day. It keeps my mind sharp and in some small way, it makes me feel needed ❤ I am sober 44 years and I accomplished this one day at time by reminding myself " you need to stay sober Toby because someone is going to need you for something today" . The same holds true during this very lonely and isolating time.

I miss seeing my family, I miss hugging them, I miss seeing my friends every week when we use to have meetings, get togethers and lunches. I miss not being able to visit the clinic and I miss the freedom I use to know of being able to go out anywhere if and when I wanted to.

Those 44 years taught me the importance of staying focused, keeping my routine and continuing to remind myself that I can handle or do anything one day at a time, 24 little hours, including, as hard as it can be at times, looking at me feet and reminding myself I am right here, in the present.

Though FB and social media can be wrought with drama and bad news, I am thankful and grateful that it allows me to stay connected with all of you on a day to day basis. I am thankful for my 3 fur sons who remind me that each and every new day is one to be enjoyed, grateful and cherished. So I just want to thank all of you for your morning greetings and participation in daily chats and remind you all that you are not alone, we are all in this together and we are stronger, more connected and more in tune with life because of it. So stay strong, stay safe, stay connected, stay healthy and most importantly never forget that together we can do anything one day a time ❤ tw, LNPB

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