Aug 8, 2018

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL! Today we are celebrating 7 years since Chauncy joined our family <3 This little man has been my rock as I have been his over all these years <3 Chauncy ADORED Alley from day 1 and his little heart was broken in two the day she had to leave. He grieved Alley for months after her passing and he and I both helped each other with the most devastating loss we endured :-( That same year Chauncy was DX with canine diabetes and I promised him that I would always be here to take care of him as he has always been here to take care of me <3 This year I almost lost Chauncy to complications from Diabetes after his Gall Bladder surgery HOWEVER, after many sleepless and tearful nights of worry, this little man pulled through and is doing great <3 He was not fond of Pops when he joined our little family however when Pops got sick Chauncy became his care taker and they have been BFF since <3 He is still not sure about Rambo however each new day brings progress :-)

Chauncy was originally rescued from the BP shelter by my son, who fostered him and saved him from sure death at the shelter, and Chauncy, to this day, has never forgotten his original savior <3 To say this little man has had such an amazing impact on my life would be an understatement, he is my rock and I in turn am his <3 He is my dog, my heart and soul, and oh how I adore him <3 Happy 7 years Chauncy, here's to many, many more <3 tw, LNPB

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