UPFRONT, PERSONAL AND LONG but so worth the read ❤️

Oct 4, 2019

UPFRONT, PERSONAL AND LONG but so worth the read ❤️

To say that this little dog had a guardian angel looking over her would be an understatement ❤️ I cannot fathom or wrap my head around how anyone could walk by this dog and DO NOTHING! WHO DOES THAT! Angelica was dumped on the grounds of an apartment complex, she laid there, did not move, people saw her, walked by and did NOTHING! For 3 days she suffered with no food, no water, no human touch, NOTHING, until finally someone called AC! Once at the shelter she laid in her kennel, would not eat or drink, would not get up AND that got her a post it note stuck on her cage stating “ PTS” 😩

Now in her darkest and, what was to be her final hours, little did she know that someone, who was in the right place, at the right time, was about to change her life forever ❤️ One very special lady who had to wait at the shelter began to walk through and take photos and was stopped dead in her tracks when she came across the kennel that was marked “PTS”. HOW MANY PEOPLE PASSED BY THAT SAME CAGE, SAW THAT NOTICE AND KEPT WALKING?!?!

Then it happened, I was in a meeting and heard the “ding” . The message simply said “ I am at Carson”, to which I replied “ I am home and in a meeting “. Then came the video with the note “PTS” 😩 I was heartbroken, I responded back with a 😩😩😩 and went back to my meeting 😩 At that point I realized I was no better then everyone that passed her by 💔 I just did not have the strength to have to watch another dog die, yet I could not get her post out of my mind 😩

I began to think “ how can you sit here and do nothing, how can you turn a blind eye to an animal in need, how can you just walk away “ 😩 I picked up the phone and called her, I asked if she was still at Carson, I could hear her crackling voice, I could sense her heartache, AND then I said “ let’s get her” ❤️

What changed you asked? Instead of thinking about having to put another dog down, my mind began to think “ what if”, just what if all this dog needs is for someone to take a chance on her, someone to believe in her, someone who will stop and say “ it’s ok, I’m here” ❤️

That someone, Angelica’s real hero and life saver, the one person who STOPPED, STAYED, and whispered “ I am going to help” was none other then Cathi Perez ❤️ This amazing woman never gives up hope, she never just walks away, she will move heaven and earth to help an animal in need ❤️ Cathi is the epitome of what a true “animal rescuer” is and she is and has been my personal hero from the day I met her ❤️ Angelica is here today, alive with the promise of tomorrow because this woman STOPPED at her cage and took action ❤️

I am both humbled and honored that she sought me out to help and I know she knew, deep down in her heart, I was not going to let her down ❤️ Cathi waited at the vets last night in tears just in case because she was not going to let Angelica leave this earth without knowing she was loved ❤️ Today Angelica was reunited with her hero and it so warmed my heart to see all the happy tears ❤️

Thank you Cathi, for being who you are, for fighting and never giving up to save these animals. It is an honor to not only know you, but to call you friend and work alongside of you every day saving lives ❤️ You my friend are simply amazing and loved by so many ❤️ Thank you for always stopping and never giving up hope ❤️ So much love and respect for you ❤️ tw, LNPB

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