Aug 10, 2019

WAGS NEEDS YOUR HELP! Doc believes Wags to be every bit of 16 if not a little older. The good news is he believes, if we can get him out of his pain, Wags has some time to enjoy his gift of life and love ❤️ His heart sounds good, his skin and ears are a mess, his teeth are not bad, he has cataracts forming and he has a lot of trouble getting up and walking 😩 He is extremely painful in his hind quarters however we have started him on pain management. Blood test results will be in tomorrow and we will know more. We are hoping to send him home to our loving foster tomorrow ❤️

We received an estimate of $430.02 ( Immediate Care )- $835.32 ( Additional Tests). Please help us continue to help sweet Wags, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible ❤️


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