Aug 7, 2021


His name is Simba, he is 8 years old. He was brought to the shelter on 8/5 as a " stray" , ( though we suspect they were the owners,) and they said he was " attacked by a dog ". The shelter, though they did treat him, was not equipped to take care of his extensive wounds. Simba had a microchip, they knew who the owners were, they tried to contact them because they needed a release to PTS due to the extent of his injuries and a plea was sent out to rescues to help. They went to the owners home, they said they did not want him due to extensive medical, and released him to the shelter. NOW how did they know he had EXTENSIVE MEDICAL when they did not go to shelter or see him ?

Here is what I can tell you DID NOT HAPPEN TO SIMBA! He was not attacked by a dog, there was no evidence of that kind of injury. He was not hit by a car, we have seen and rescued many dogs that have been HBC and again. there were no injuries that were consistent with that kind of injury.

What I can tell you is that he has 5 broken ribs, a broken eye vessel, a broken vessel in his lip AND a neck wound that was deep and needed surgical repair. All of those injuries, though not conclusive, ARE SUSPECT of abuse and possible strangulation whether with a chain or rope 💔 Simba, thankfully is now on the road to recovery and he will need daily bandage changes and his drain removed on Tuesday. He is being medicated and on pain management and needs to be fully contained. He is a sweet dog, he is a gentle dog, allowing our staff at the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic to handle him and it was as if he knew they were there to help. He allows the staff to pick him up and carry him, in spite of his pain, as he also knows they are there to help ❤

Again, we are certain of what IT IS NOT and we are ONLY speculating on what we have found as to what it possibly could be. Yes we will be putting together our findings, dotting our "I"s and crossing our "T's" and we will present our findings and speak with the shelter. For now Simba is safe, he is loved and he knows that his life matters ❤ While I am certain and sickened by the fact his owners signed his death warrant yesterday, Simba had quite a few " unsung heroes " that ultimately saved his life ❤

Yes rescue is hard, it is difficult, it is heartbreaking and yet on days like today when I see so many human angels pulling together and rooting for Simba, I am reminded why and how I continue to do what I do here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. ❤ tw, LNPB


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