Aug 24, 2018

WARNING GRAPHIC AND HEART BREAKING - An investigation into animal cruelty has been filed and opened on behalf of sweet Trixie <3

Why we, as heart breaking as it can be, continue to do what we do right here at Leave No Paws Behind <3 Trixie was being starved to the point of emaciation, contracted demodex that was left to rage out of control, was dehydrated, has eye and ear infections and her teeth were cut and sealed to prevent her from biting her abusers or the dogs she was forced to breed with and though she looks like an aging 10-12 years old our vets believe her to be only 6yrs old. The couple who turned her in said her previous owner gave her away. This poor dog has been failed by everyone in her life up until her rescue on 8/22/18. Never again sweet Trixie, from here on out you will know nothing but love, kindness and how much your life matters.

To say Trixie has to been to hell and back in her young years would be an understatement. These photos were taken this morning upon exam and show you just how neglected and abused this very sweet and loving animal was. I have no words and sadly these photos tell her very tragic story. Trixie was rescued by Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. and will remain under the excellent medical care of our amazing VMD Missy Achenbach and the entire staff and team at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks.We are all looking forward to her journey to recovery and transformation one precious day at a time . Trixie knows today she is loved, safe from all harm and that her life matters . We promise you Trixie, it only gets better from here . #LNPBTRIXIESTRONG


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