Jun 1, 2021

WE ARE ONLY $75.00 AWAY FROM REACHING OUR GOAL ❤️ Oh Mimi is just as cute and sweet as can be ❤️ Doc says she is in pretty good shape for being 14 years old ❤️ Her heart sounds good, she has no teeth, vision is gone in one eye and cloudly in another and part of her lower mouth has eroded away from severe dental disease 😢 She has a little mass right under her tail which we are sending out for Cystology and we will know more when her blood test results are in tomorrow.

We received an estimate of $455.10 ( before our discount) and are shy just $75.00 to reach our goal! This includes blood work, all vaccinations, urine and fecal, medications, de worming and cystology. Please help us continue to help her, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible ❤️


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