Aug 6, 2018

WE have and are trying out a new look!!! We have now gone paperless and it has helped eliminate the mounds of invoices ( over 100 pages at times ) we post each and every month! We also now utilize outside pharmacies for most maintenance monthly medications which has helped a lot with costs 😄 In an effort to lighten the load at the start of the month, beginning in August we will post our daily invoices and costs in lieu of the month end massive amounts of paper and overwhelming information so that now you will know real time how your donations are helping us continue to help them :-)

How your donations helped us continue to help them in July. Total costs were $14,339.52. Medical $12,456.95, Medications $775.31, Pull fees $180.00, Pay Pal fees $657.26 and Mileage reimbursement $270.00. Thank you to everyone who donated to help us in July ❤️ tw, LNPB

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