Oct 25, 2021

WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY SITUATION AND NEED YOUR HELP ASAP! One of our long term, core fosters had an accident and needed surgery. We have no idea when or even if, she will be able to return to own home 😪 She has been caring for several of our special needs dogs and doing an amazing job bringing them back to life HOWEVER they now all have to rehomed ASAP! We are seeking fosters and/or forever homes for these amazing little souls.

The family wants us to remove these dogs TODAY, which we are working on, so they will all be safe. We do not want to place them in boarding HOWEVER we may need to do for a little while if we cannot find emergency foster homes in the So Ca area. All of these sweet souls we are told are housetrained and all of them get along with other dogs! Our foster is devasted this is happening however we need to abide by the family's wishes. We had someone lined up to go in and help our foster with the dogs however that is no longer an option and family says they need to go!

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US, we were all taken by surprise by this unfortunate event and we now need your help! We cannot save any more animals UNTIL we can secure homes for these sweet dogs! If you cannot foster, any donation would be appreciated to help with their housing expenses. We wish our foster a very speedy recovery and that she may return to her home very soon. Returning the dogs to her is not an option, the family has made that very clear 😪

If you can foster and live in the So Ca area, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com. If you can help us with their upcoming living expenses please donate here:


As always, thank you so much for you continued love and support and for all you do for the animals ❤

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