Oct 10, 2021

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! I saw his post about an hour ago, his name is CUBS, he is at OC, his ID is #A1738744 and he is going to be euthanized at 5:00! He took a turn for the worst overnight and is in pretty bad shape! I frantically tried to put together a last minute " HAIL MARY " play as he needs to go to an ER! Those that know me know I DON'T GIVE UP and in the 11th hour I put a plan together! Now the reality is he may indeed be at the end of his life HOWEVER the thought of this darling little Shih Tzu dying all alone in the shelter was breaking my heart, I just could not look away! Hang on Cubs the Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. Freedom Ride is on the way ❤

WE ARE GOING TO NEED HELP for his ER visit and I am praying to God over night stay! PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US HELP CUBS, no matter what, he deserves a chance and if it is his time, he deserves to be wrapped in loving arms knowing his life matters ❤



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