LNPB Hurricane Harvey Rescues 9-7-17

Sep 13, 2017

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE TO HELP THEM! It has been one week since their rescue and while they are all being treated, some will have to remain in the hospital for at least another week! We will be visiting with all of them tomorrow and will have updated photos! I have attached their current list of ailments, treatment, status ( foster/adopter/hospice) below. Please, please help us continue to help them! Actually all of these animals, in spite of their issues, are in better shape then most we see :-) To date we have spent over 12K fr their initial care and treatments! No amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible!


Leave No Paws Behind Hurricane Harvey Pets

1. Carl: 16.6 pound male Schnauser mix (Schnoodle ) ~2 year old-black ● ADOPTION PENDING
2. Colonel Mustard: 8.0 pound intact male poodle mix 8-9years ● Dental disease ● Salivary staining all four feet (skin allergies)-treated with convenia (will need either cadi or apoquel long term) ● Hookworms-treated with 2 dose of drontal plus 3 weeks apart. Has had first dose. Once cleared can go to LT Foster
3. Cookie: 17 pound female spay min pin mix. appx 11-13 years old-brown/white ● Overweight ● Dental disease ● Skin disease-treated with convenia and apoquel ● Ear infection-treated with bayrtil, dex, triz+keto ● Increased liver enzymes ● Low t4-rec starting thyroid meds i● Protein in urine-rec recheck UA in 1 month ● She may only be a hospice patient-does need a further work.
4. Hayes: 21.2 pound male schnauzer about 6-7 years old-grey ● Severe dental disease ● Ear infection-treated with mometavet and triz-ultra-keto ● Can go to adopter
5. Mickey: 12.6 dachshund mix neutered male, about 13 years old-black ● Missing most teeth ● Overweight ● No other issues ● Low t4-rec checking in 1 month. Can go to Adopter
6. Mr. Wilson: 24.3 pd corgi mix. Male neutered 6 year old-black and white ● Dental disease ● Heartworm positive-have begun treatment ● Microfilaria negative ● Skin infection-tail base and all 4 feet-treated with convenia- will probably need apoquel or cadi long term. ● Ear infection-treated with mometavet and triz ultra keto ● Giardia positive- being treated with panacur-needs fecal in 2 weeks. Once cleared can go to foster
7. Norris: 19.6 pound intact male terrier mix about 11-13 years old tan and cream ● Intact male ● Perineal hernia ● Heart murmur ● Increased kidney enzymes-started kd ● Low t4-rec recheck in 1 month ● Hospice only
8. Pearl: 4.2 pound, female spayed, chi mix, black and white ● Heartworm positive-initiated treatment ● Microfilaria positive-initiated treatment ● Severe dental disease. Hospice Foster
9. Rose: 9.6 pound female spay schnauzer mix about 6 years old tan ● Skin infection/allergies-treated with convenia, apoquel and ketoconazole ● Ear infection-treated with mometavet and trizultraketo ● Dry eye-treated with optimmune and ofloxacin ● Can go to foster/adopter
10: Sasha: 11.6 pound female spay, dachshund 1 year old tan and white ● Giardia-treated with panacur ● Tapeworms- drontal one treatment now and again in 2 weeks ● Recheck fecal in 1 month ● Rec checking chem 11 in month. Can go to Adopter
11: Snoopy: 21.2 pound male neuter chi mix tan about 8-9 years old ● Heart murmur ● Ear infection-treated with mometavet . LT Foster
12: Selleck: 4.5 pound intact male DSH black and white ● Blind OU ● Nystagmus slow phase to left ● Circling to left ● FIP panel negative ● Will be monitoring for worsening of clinical signs over the next two weeks ● Glaucoma. LT Foster
13: Cloudy: 8.8 pound male neutered DSH black about 5 years old ● Acute diarrhea-on metronidazole ● Grade 4 dental disease . Once cleared can go to adopter
14: Jesse: 7.6 pounds, neutered male, DSH, black 3 year old ● Severe dental disease ● Diarrhea-on metronidazole . Once cleared can go to adopter
15: Nemo: 8.8 pound neutered male DSH, orange and white 9 year old ● Severe dental disease and stomatitis ● Once cleared can go to adopter
16: Princess: fs dsh orange tabby-about 8 years old ● Heart murmur ● Dental disease severe missing left upper canine ● Vomiting and not pooping-gave cerenia. Posible Hospice/LT Foster


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