Aug 29, 2018

What a fabulous day! Had lunch, proceeded with our LNPB BOD meeting and then spent a few hours going down memory lane with one of my Board members who is also a very dear friend of over 54 years!!! OMG we were in grade school together , went on to the same HS, we lived in the same complex back East, she was in my wedding AND we both moved out to Ca within a year of each other, AND we both have one child and 2 grandchildren that are the same ages LOL!!! :-) Today was her birthday and it was so nice sharing the day with her, laughing and just having a good time! So needless to say I am now ready for some cuddle, couch and TV mommy and me time with the furs :-) They are my dogs and I love them <3 tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, mommy loves and misses you so <3