Jul 19, 2018

What it was like, what happened and how it is today thanks to our amazing VMD Missy Achenbach and the entire staff at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks AND this entire Village for your continued love, support and very kind and generous donations ❤️Here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. we never gave up on Rambo and he never gave up on us ❤️

Rambo's journey and how we got to where we are today, 1 year later <3 Rambo suffers with Pemfigus, it is not curable HOWEVER it is treatable and manageable and he has and will continue to have, a pharmacy of medication for the rest of his life! Rambo's regime went like this: In the beginning Rambo was on several antibiotics daily, 100 mg of prednisone every day, daily and frequent medicated beds, several ear ointments and salves, Azathioprine, 50 mg daily, Pentoxyfylline 400 mg 2x a day, Denamarin 425 mg 1x daily and famotidine 20 mg 2x a day! He was also eating 6 cups of Hill's Metabolic Prescription to accommodate the heavy duty need for steroids. We watched as he lost all his hair, his head was caved in, his muscle tone was weak, his ears were raw AND yet this amazing animal kept fighting, never giving up on us and vice versa <3

Today, one year later, after several and carefully decreases in steroids his regime now looks like this : 30 mg Prednisone EVERY OTHER DAY, Azathioprine 50 mg EVERY OTHER DAY on off days of Preds, Pentoxyfylline 400 mg 2 x a day, Denamarin 425 mg 1 x a day and Famotidine 20 mg 2x a day! He is still on Hill's Metabolic Prescription Dog food 1 1/2 cups 2 x a day and occasional baths :-) Now we got Rambo all the way down to 20 mg of Pred every other day this month HOWEVER I quickly noticed he started itching so we bumped him back to 30 mg and the itching stopped! Rambo will remain on this medication the rest of his life and he remains in remission :-)

Is it tough to maintain and remember all these meds on a day to day to day basis ? Well in the beginning it was overwhelming HOWEVER I have a sheet all logged in and now it is like second nature :-) He is so great about his medication and to be honest, Rambo is FABULOUS! He is housetrained, he knows basic commands, he no longer has to be crated at night, he LOVES Chauncy and Pops, though they still have their moments with him LOL, he LOVES people and he is so grateful and loving! He no longer likes going to the vets though and gives them a hard time now! His blood work the last few times was PERFECT and, as you can see, his fur continues to grow! I admit at first I worried about what I was signing up for HOWEVER from the moment he looked at me with those grateful and loving eyes, I was hooked! We make a great team and Rambo never leaves my side AND if I didn't know better, I would swear it was Alley revisited <3

So here we are today, one year later and Rambo is loving life and we are loving Rambo <3 He will remain under the medical care of LNPB for life and this boy knows he is home to stay <3 #Foreverfoster #Rambooneyearlater #Rambolivingthedream #hislifematters

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