May 8, 2013

When I was a small child I use to look up in the sky and wonder where all the souls of dogs and cats went when they crossed over the rainbow bridge. As I grew older I realized that the path on the Rainbow Bridge stretches across to heaven’s golden door where all the animals are welcomed into the loving arms of the heavenly angels never again to know pain, abuse or heartache. Tonight as I star gazed I began to notice what appeared to be several bright and twinkling stars however as I looked closer, the sky began to light up brighter and I noticed they were shaped like tiny little paws! So the next time you find yourself wishing upon what appears to be a "shooting star" keep in mind that perhaps that beam of bright light dancing in the sky may indeed be the waggin' of a tail shining down on you to let you know they always there to guide you. ♥ tw, LNPB

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