Oct 1, 2019

WOOHOOOO SALLY IS HEADING HOME! She has had a rough time of it AND just days ago we thought we were going to have to say good bye to this sweet girl 😩 My heart could not take it, I knew there had to be a piece of the puzzle we were all missing and I was not going to give up!

Sally came in to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks two weeks ago, she was not eating, lethargic, drinking excessive amounts of water and urinating frequently 😩 Tests revealed she had severe pancreatitis AND diabetes 😩 She stayed at the hospital a few days and we sent her home. She was out of it, wobbly, lethargic and eating was hit and miss 😩

Now I began to suspect that pehaps the meds she was on was causing her to be so out of it so, knowing she was coming in today, I advised our foster to STOP the pain medication, nausea medication and the appetite stimulant AND guess what??? Today she was alert, she was up, she was hungry and almost back to her self!

Doc says she looks better and is such a sweet dog and we now have Sally back on track! We are changing up her diet to accomodate her insulin, no more pain meds, anti nausea med ONLY if needed and appetite stimulant in dire need only! WE NEEDED SOME GOOD NEWS, WE WERE OVERDUE AND WE GOT IT! Sally is heading HOME!

Thank you all for your support, prayers and kind thoughts! We never gave up! ❤️❤️❤️

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